Highly-qualified team of native speakers as language instructors and translators.

We have diverse backgrounds, in language skills as well as in professional skills, which equip us with a practical knowledge of the specific needs of corporate and individual learners in their work environment.

The depth of this sizable pool of professionals also enables us to deliver high quality services in a consistent and reliable manner.


  • I have enjoyed my lessons and attained the diploma from French Chamber of Commerce thanks to the dedication of the teachers from Frenchatwork.  My proficiency in French has helped in my work as I often receive memoranda or emails from colleagues in Head Office in French and most of all, it has helped me when I went for my vacation in France recently.  The teachers make the lessons interesting and they work hard to prepare us for the exams.  Thank you Frenchatwork !

Siew Pheng

  • On a weekly basis, I take private Spanish and French lessons with Frenchatwork instructors. I find their instructors, who are always native speakers, to be highly qualified, committed and engaging. They come to each lesson prepared with customised lessons aimed at enhancing my fluency and comprehension of the language. Not only am I improving my language skills, I have fun at each lesson.

Laura Deal, Executive Director, the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

  • It’s been a great pleasure working with Clélie and Frenchatwork.

The teachers are truly passionate about imparting to non-french speakers the language and culture.       Most of all, they are customer-focused and are able to adapt to our needs be it in the curriculum or the schedule of the classes. We are happy to have Frenchatwork as a partner in language training!

Sharon Lim, HR, Total Oil Asia Pacific, Singapore

  • I try to squeeze French lessons into a very busy schedule. It is invaluable to me that the Frenchatwork team are flexible as to the timing and location of my lessons and are accommodating to late schedule changes. I also appreciate greatly that they tailor the lessons to my industry and interests to ensure the lessons are relevant to my needs and an enjoyable part of my day.

Michael Issenberg, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer for Accor Asia Pacific, Singapore

  • French language is a useful asset for a career. It participates in the enrichment of our people in a multinational environment. Even more while it is working for an MNC with strong European base like us. 
But learning a new language is not easy and that’s why we pay attention to the interpersonal relationship built between students and teacher. We are glad that Frenchatwork has had this very individual touch since we started to work together in 2009.

M. Quoc Hang NGO, Alstom Country HR, Singapore

  • The teachers from French@work are all very professional and well-versed in their expertise. They always provide endless support and unwavering determination for their clients to the best of their capabilities. Although it is quite challenging at times, I still feel very motivated to learn and expand under their tutelage.

Leaf Yap, Assistant to CIO, Total Oil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

  • The lessons have been useful, interactive and fun all at the same time. We were taught various fundamental techniques that helped us to communicate with many of our French colleagues at work. We truly enjoyed our lessons with both Clelie and Guenaelle in particular. They really made us feel at ease, encouraged &  motivated us although we are such a ‘green horn’ when it comes to speaking French. Greatly appreciate them for their  cheerful, lively nature & most importantly their patience and great understanding during our lesson time. Overall, we would like to say & give our greatest thanks and support to French@Work because they made French easy and fun to learn. ‘KUDOs to their service”. Thank you.

Ramisha Begum, Secretary, Bouygues Construction (Singapore)