We have an established and successful track record in teaching French, English and Mandarin to major multinational companies operating in Asia including in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Another important advantage of our service offering is our flexible and personalised training approach. We offer different learning strategies for our students, either in groups or individual lessons.

We believe that language proficiency is a key to success for corporations and individuals that are operating in a multi-cultural and multi-border setting.  Therefore, in order to meet the high standards required for our clients’ success, we take great care to tailor-make our curriculum to suit their unique and specific requirements in a way that a master craftsmen would.



  • We believe that learning new languages broadens your knowledge base but also brings you new life skills! Effective communication is not just achieved with words. That is why we tailor our curriculum to meet the unique needs and expectations of your organization.
  • We also believe that quality comes with the perfect blend of experience and skills. This is why we insist on all our teachers having a strong dual background. We all come to the table with solid business knowledge acquired through significant experience within international companies, coupled with an academic background. All our teachers are either DAEFLE graduates, or have significant teaching experience.
  • Most importantly we believe that learning should never be boring! All our lessons aim to provide the ultimate quality in teaching in a friendly and easy- going atmosphere! It’s a known fact that we learn best when there’s enthusiasm.